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Going Green

Ridaroo gives your organization the opportunity to expand or jump-start its green initiatives program immediately. Our service is a turnkey solution hosted by us, which means it can be up and running within 24 hours, and you don’t have to worry about integration, servers or any other technical issues. In addition to this low-cost green initiative, you will help your commuters in the following ways:

Tracking Emissions

Ridaroo gives your employees an easy way to calculate their individual "commute footprints". Ridaroo can interpret each commuter's information to ouput cost of each trip, fuel consumption and greenhouse Gas emissions. In turn, our service can give emission data for the whole company in report format and provide a platform to reduce those numbers.

Cutting Costs

Simple math does the trick. If person A spends $30 a week on gas, then carpooling with person B (who is willing to split costs) will save person A $15 a week. That’s close to $800 a year. Take the same scenario and add a third person to the carpool, person A will now save $20 a week on gas alone. That’s roughly $1,000 a year.

It's simple, with Ridaroo, you can help your commuters save a ton of money.


Implementing Ridaroo is a low cost, environmentally friendly alternative to building additional parking spaces or facilities. By increasing vehicle occupancy, Ridaroo helps you increase your organization's parking efficiency. If you don't have enough space for parking, or the current options are simply too expensive, Ridaroo can help solve these issues for your commmuters and whole organization immediately.

LEED Points

Introducing a ride-sharing program for your organization can help you earn points toward LEED certification of your building(s). As explained by the U.S Green Building Council, alternative transportation methods such as carpooling and ride-sharing can effectively lower the number of commuters who drive alone, thus reducing your organization's overall footprint. This is applicable to both new construction as well as existing buildings. Learn more at the USGBC website.

Boosting Morale and Productivity

Research has shown that an individual’s commute directly affects his or her stress level, morale and daily performance. In fact, according to a survey done by TransitCenter, nearly 25% of respondents shared that they arrive to work late 3 or more days per month due to their commutes. This naturally leads to a shorter and less productive work day. More importantly, it adds pressure on the individual, and results in an increased stress level.

The same survey revealed that 65% of respondents felt that companies should help ease the difficulties associated with daily commutes. With Ridaroo, you can meet your commuters’ expectations and in doing so, increase their productivity.