The ride-board finally realized it's 2012 !

Ridaroo is easy to set up and even easier to's how it works:

Private Portal

Ridaroo allows your organization to have its own, secured carpooling portal. Through email verification or by using a unique passcode, your commuters can gain access your organization's customized ride-sharing system. Best of all, each commuter's privacy remains secure at all times.

Commuter Profiles

Commuters can create and edit personal profiles to connect with others. This information is tailored to your organization and can only be seen by other commuters within the secured portal.

Smart Matches

Ridaroo's unique algorithm matches commuters based on start address, destination address, and much more. Anyone within your organization can now find the perfect carpool every time!

Admin Panel

You can customize Ridaroo to fit your organization's needs. Once up and running, use the admin panel to quickly and painlessly add or delete features.