Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ridaroo?

Ridaroo is a web application that facilitates ride-sharing within companies, universities and government agencies. Ridaroo's unique matching service takes all the work and stress out of finding a safe and reliable ride. Ridaroo helps commuters save money, it alleviates parking jams, tracks commute-related emissions and helps your organization reduce its overall footprint.

How does it work?

By signing up, your organization is given access to a private Ridaroo portal secured by an email verification process. The system is customized to fit the needs of your organization. Then, Ridaroo’s innovative algorithm matches drivers and riders within your organization based on start address, destination address, driving route, and many other preferences.

What type of organization can benefit from Ridaroo?

  • Companies
  • Universities (separate faculty and student version)
  • Government Agencies
  • Business Conferences
  • Music Festivals
Basically, any organization or community looking to build a carpooling program while saving its commuters' time and money can benefit from Ridaroo.

How big does the organization need to be?

Ridaroo works best for organizations that have a population of at least 400 individuals.

Can individual commuters sign up for Ridaroo?

We currently only allow organizations to sign up for our service. If you are an individual commuter and would like your organization to offer our service, either contact us directly, or have a representative from your organization get in touch with us. We would love to speak with you and your organization to see how Ridaroo can help!

How is Ridaroo set up, operated, managed, etc.?

Nope! Ridaroo is a web application hosted by us, so it is hassle-free and easy to setup! There is no integration required with your IT department and we provide on going management and support for the system.

Can anyone outside of my organization see personal information?

Absolutely not. Since Ridaroo's service is private within your organization, only members of your organization will see profile information. People from different organizations (or the public) are not able to see any profiles or connect with anyone.

What is the sign up process?

You can email us directly via our contact page or fill out our demo request form.

How much does Ridaroo cost?

Contracts run for at least 1 year and we charge an annual licensing fee to implement the software.